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Allianz Expects Insurance Market Size To Double In 20 Years

The more reason why doing insurance biz is good especially with Allianz.. Jika anda mahukan kelainan. Mahukan perubahan tapi tidak punya banyak modal. Tidak ada pengalaman. Mahu berjaya dalam hidup. Mahukan kebebasan masa. Komited & Ingin belajar.

Jangan lepaskan peluang yg besar ini. 

1. Kami mempunyai mentor yg berpengalaman. 
2. Latihan yang lengkap
3. Sistem dan support yang kuat
4. Market yang sangat besar
5. Peluang memiliki empayar franchise anda sendiri di mana shj anda mahu
6. Produk sedia ada terbaik di pasaran. 
7. Produk kalis inflasi. 
8. Peluang membina empayar biz franchise anda dgn company yg telah mempunyai Jenama/Brand yg kuat dan diiktiraf antara Terbaik di dunia. 

Pilihan sebenarnya ditangan anda.. Peluang di depan mata akan berlalu begitu shj jika anda tidak bertindak. Jika berminat utk mengetahui dgn lebih lanjut, hubungi saya segera di talian 
016 - 366 1786. Terima kasih.

Zulhaizal A. Pazir

Published: Thursday March 13, 2014 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Thursday March 13, 2014 MYT 10:33:01 AM

Allianz expects insurance market size to double in 20 years

Heise:’It will be fast and easy process for the families.’
Heise:’It will be fast and easy process for the families.’
KUALA LUMPUR: Allianz Malaysia expects the Malaysian insurance market to double its size in 20 years, as demand for annuities will be boosted by an ageing population.

The insurer estimated the ratio of Malaysians aged above 65 years would increase to 15% of the country’s population by 2033, compared with current level of between 7% and 8%.

“Over the next decade, we expect premiums to increase by an average of 7% a year,” Allianz Group chief economist Prof Michael Heise told a press conference yesterday.

“The asset market will also grow fast in the next few years,” he said.

Total gross premium in the life and non-life insurance market in Malaysia was estimated at RM45.6bil as of the end of last year, which is smaller compared with neighbouring Thailand and Indonesia.

Like most Asian countries, insurance penetration rate is also relatively low at less than 1.5% of its gross domestic product.

Heise projected that the Malaysian economy would expand 5% this year, faster than the 4.7% achieved last year.

The expansion, he said, would be driven by higher private investment and stronger exports, despite concerns over a slowdown in China.

Responding to queries on Allianz’s exposure to the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 plane, Allianz Malaysia chief executive officer Jens Reisch confirmed that five passengers were identified as its clients. Four were Malaysians and one, a Chinese student.

“Among them were four life insurance policies and one for personal accident,” he said. Reisch did not have the information as to which passenger possessed which policy.

Declining disclosure the amounts, he said that the policies were in the normal claims range.

“As part of the insurance industry, we must await confirmation before we begin settling claims. We are concerned and should we need to release those claims, it will be a fast and easy process for the families,” Reisch said.



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