Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Hope for The Best, but Prepare for the Worst!

In Life, Always Hope for the Best but Always Prepare for the Worst!

So when to prepare for the worst??? Its NOW!!! NO BUT, NO IF, NO WHAT IF.. No need to think about it! You love ur family, You Must Prepare for the Worst while always expecting for the Best.. Period! 

Thats why we always called safety first! Prepare all the safety gear 1st before accident happen.. Not during accident happen. It will be too late.

Insurans Protection is the same.. We MUST prepare first before anything happen.. because.....
Accident & Illness can Happen Anytime, Anywhere, No matter who you are, race, age or your current financial status..

In fact, nobody can run away from Illness in their whole life.. Sooner or later, it will come.. So prepare first.. before we burdened our loved ones... think friends.................

If u love ur family and they are very important to u....Call me at 016 - 366 1786

Zulhaizal A. Pazir

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